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Erket GmbH & Co. KG

ايركات هي الشركة الرائدة على مستوى العالم في صناعة معدات الحفر الدوارة لتناسب جميع الحفارات، معداتنا قوية وجديرة بالثقة تقدم حلول جديدة لفشل الطرق الأخرى او لعدم جدوتها الاقتصادية

Frima GmbH & Co. KG

FRIMA is an innovative German engineering company for the concrete industry with great wealth of experience


كارشر، الشركة الرائدة عالمياً في مجال تكنولوجيا حلول التنظيف المبتكرة، لديها مجموعة كاملة من حلول التنظيف

Masa GmbH

Masa GmbH, Germany covers the complete range of machinery for the building materials industry

Pemat Mischtechnik GmbH

Planetary Mixers, High Speed Pan Mixers, Conical Mixers, Zyklos Rotating Pan Mixers, Skip Hoists, Automatic High Pressure Wash-out Systems and Batching Plants


SIMONA AG is one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic products. The portfolio includes sheets, rods, profiles, welding rods, pipes and fittings as well as finished parts

STAHLWILLE Eduard Wille GmbH & Co. KG

STAHLWILLE is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of intelligent torquing technology and tool systems, high-grade tightening tools and bespoke solutions for tool storage

SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH

Benefit from over 30 years of experience in solar technology. SUNSET is a competent and reliable partner for manufacturing, planning and implementation of solar systems

Trevira GmbH

Innovative European manufacturer of permanently flame retardant polyester fibres and yarns for attractive, high-end contract textiles under the brand name Trevira CS

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Erket GmbH & Co. KG
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